Bugfix which would cause a seg fault every now and then and would just print the texture filename.

WOW! it's been ages since my last update.
I've been pretty busy with work, my daughter, playing games and programming.
I have updated hugooski with many new features and bugfixes.
Lastly, coz that's easiest to remember I started on collision detection.
It is there but still very coarse and much more testing needs to be done.
The model exporter and texture loading works great and doesn't suffer from bugs and performance hits
as in the previous version.
HEAPS and HEAPS of bugfixes.
Hopefully my next post won't take so long :)


The engine will now load the models exported by the new blender exporter.
Added simple script in the form of a world.jen file where you can specify models to load and some of the models variables.
I'm pretty happy with it :):)
Going to add texture support now to the blender exporter and integrate this with the engine to make it load appropriately.
Then that should be it for the blender exporter for a while. I really needed to do this so I can create and modify content in the
game quickly without having to modify code. I will make things much easier in the future :)
After the textures I want to add to the scripting feature to add interaction with the models, different levels of interaction etc, which
models show during which part of the game etc...
Next post will prolly be after the new year :)
Have a safe one!!

Well, I have finally completed my Blender exporter to a level where I can continue coding the engine.
The exporter will export the vertices, vertice normals, face normals (for smooth shading).
It will export the raw data, so that it can correctly grab and export a deformed and subsurf'd mesh.
Supports multiple frames. It's pretty good, I'm happy with it :) Later I'll add the texture, color data to the exporter.
Blender and python rocks!I
I am adding this functionality to the engine now :)
The code to download is a little old but I will update soon. Tonight I'm watching Ghost in the shell 2 :)

Been working on my modelling skills and a blender exporter to make it easier
to create and load models/scenes into my game :)

Terrain collision detection is working excellently.
It wouldn't sit perfectly on the plane for some reason, but I finally figured it out.
When you pop the matrix and translate, then translate again, it uses the last translated coords
as the reference (0,0,0). Allways learning something new.
Enjoy the demo, prolly not as much as me :)
Have been working on collision detection, bounding sphere detection is working ok. Terrain following is working :) Heaps of math! I'm gonna model a little terrain and post something to look at shortly, maybe this weekend :) ltr...

Lighting is working now :) calculates normals.
Working on smooth shading.
Creating some animation for the main character.
Hopefully have some new stuff up soon :) Keep an eye out
Usually after I finish coding I'm too tired to do anything else :P let alone create a new package to dl

Didn't do much over the new year except drink :)
I did get to load textures using display lists which I'm mightily impressed about
So we have some color now, starting to look a bit better.
I'll have the new source up shortly.

Added animation code for models.
3rd person camera now moves and faces correctly
Can load your own model if you like, see README

new demo, added 3rd person camera, models still bad tho
I have a little demo, nothing much,
the sphere was made in blender saved as videoscape and imported by h3d
into its own world, you can map your keys, movement with mouse is pretty straight forward, press esc to exit.
get it here

WOW! 3 months have passed and still not much. I am writing the model loader
Hopefully by this weekend it will be finished (daughter permitting)and I will have something to post
for you guys to check out soon :)

Just letting you know, development is still continuing.
Albeit a little slow.

So far all I can say is that it will use SDL and openGL, making it portable,

Keep an eye out here for news,
and hopefully a nicer page :)