Assasin is my first game project, I may change the name yet. Basically what I am trying for is animation and user input.
It will end up to be a target which you move, aim and shoot at things that pop up on the screen.
There are a few more ideas running around in my head but thats the general on it.
All the code is followed as in the Linux game programming book mentioned before, except the mistakes.
I hope it's of some use to someone, perhaps going through the same difficulties as me,
or different ones and we can help each other.

Now I am cleaning up the code, better make file, there are many loose things there, and adding better comments.
Afterwards some better enemies and collision detection, and hopefully better graphics.
If you are working your way through that book then I hope something in the code here helps.
I would add screenshots if they weren't so boring.
Linux only. required sdl and SDL_image.

Click here to download