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I have decided to re-open development for hugooski :)

Keep and eye out for updates.

Hugooski development has finished
Both the linux and windows versions will no longer be developed
Keep an eye out for the new 3D hugooski platformer, yet to be named!

All hugooski update info will be posted on the hugooski link to the left
Check the date under the logo to see hugooski was last updated :)

Evil hearts have arrived in hugooski, beware! if caught they subtract from the hearts you have caught.

New windows executable and linux make files uploaded today
Check hugooski log for info on what was done

Have the collision particle effects sorted out :)
Also added an animation for the new level indicator :)

Updated the windows binary to newest version :)

Heart to heart particle effect is done, doing a heart to ground collision effect now.:)

Hugooski has an enemy now, also hearts don't overlap each other.
Working on particle effects now.
These changes are only available in the development files.

I have the hugooski development files available here
I upload them there everytime after doing some work on it so it is the latest version,
only tested in linux though, should compile in windows with a different makefile

Hugooski is coming along nicely, windows version is now available,
although while in very early development
the linux version will be slightly ahead, as I hardly ever fire up the windows.
It has an end of level screen now :)
Assasin is halted at version 0.14, Hugooski has begun!.
Check out the screenshot with fantastic (cough cough) programmer art.
Very early development stage but progress is coming along nicely.
The graphics take ages! As you will see if you download it, I am an outstanding artist :P

Assasin is now in, I don't know? maybe Alpha.Check it out
It has a score sheet and some stupid death sequence added.
I am thinking of scrapping this game and creating another one from it, I'll post more info soon.


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